Free download Zarathustra Font

Preview and download Zarathustra Font. Created by Fereydoun Rostam in Dingbats Ancient styles with 100% Free license.

Font name:Zarathustra
CategoriesDingbats, Ancient
Author:Fereydoun Rostam
License:100% Free
Updated:5/23/2015 12:00:00 AM
Note by Fereydoun Rostam
Developed with the help of Mr. Keyvan Mahmmoudi, from the University of Teheran, the glyphs are allocated over very convenient keys, but also works for Unicode. This font includes every known glyph for this ancient inscript. This is a free non-commercial font and should not be selled by any means. For more details on how to use the font, permissions or sugestions, contact me:

Tags: Zarathustra, Fereydoun Rostam, 100% Free, Dingbats, Ancient

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2Zarathustra - Keyboard Allocation.pdf55.7KB
3Zarathustra - Keyboard Allocation.png247.5KB
4Zarathustra - Unicode.pdf40.1KB
5Zarathustra - Unicode.png167.3KB